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Rose & Louis

Hi, my name is Rose and I am 12. I have a brother named Louis who is 8. One day during covid we were bored and needed to find a birthday gift for our cousins. We thought we could do a scrunchie workshop. On a rainy day we got all our cousins and our grandma to help with the sewing. We made so many scrunchies that we didn't know what to do with them. Louis then came up with the idea to sell scrunchies so we could collect money to donate to the Alberta Children's Hospital. The fabric was donated to us by our grandma Ruth. So 100% of the money from the Cottage Collection is going to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation. Thank you for supporting us!

NOVEMBER UPDATE: We raised $550 for the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation! We are continuing our sewing adventure and made holiday face masks, gift bags, wine bottle gift bags and more scrunchies. Our grandma Ruth once again gave us all the fabric! We are now giving 100% of the Santa Collection to EducationMatters. EducationMatters enhances and advances public education in Calgary  by providing awards and grants that help local schools and students. Thanks again for supporting us!

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